Howea Forsteriana - Kentia

Howea forsteriana is native to Lord Howe Island off eastern Australia. This palm is an elegant plant, and is extremely popular for growing indoors.

Normal temperatures should not go below 10oC. Tolerant of temperatures below 10oC for very short periods of time. They do not enjoy temperatures over about 32oC.

This is a popular palm for indoors as it can tolerate much lower light than other palms. Howea will tolerate low light but do much better in medium light. This versatile plant can be used in low to high light environments (250 – 2000 Lux).

Pot size
Available in 250, 300 & 420 mm pot sizes.

Height: 1.2m to 2.4m
Weight: 5.50kg to 25.00kg

Howea Forsteriana - Kentia

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