Raphis Excelsa - Lady’s Fingers Palm

Rhapis excelsa is a species of fan palm from the family Arecaceae. Rhapis are native to southern China and Taiwan. 

Raphis are best in stable, intermediate to cool conditions with a minimum of 7oC. This palm is not good in very hot, dry conditions. Rhapis are quite tolerant of low humidity. In high humidity mealy bugs can become a problem. 

Prefers medium to medium-high light. Can tolerate direct sunlight in winter, but will sun-bleach and scorch in summer. 

Pot size 
Available in 250, 300 & 420 mm pot sizes.

Height: 1.2m to 2.4m
Weight: 5.55kg to 17.60kg

Raphis Excelsa - Lady’s Fingers Palm

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