Spathiphyllum Wallisii ‘Sensation’ - Peace Lily

Spathiphyllum wallisii is one of thirty six species in a genus of tropical evergreens. It was discovered in the late 19th century growing wild in Central America. Spathiphyllum are prized for their large white flowers that appear sporadically throughout the year.

Spathiphyllum prefer warm temperatures but can tolerate a minimum of 10oC for a short periods of time.

Spathiphyllum tolerate a wide range of light conditions and are suitable for very low light areas (250 – 400 Lux). When placed in high light they have a tendency to wilt very quickly.

Pot size
Available in 250 & 300mm pot sizes.

Height: 1.2m to 1.8m
Weight: 5.75kg to 10.00kg

Spathiphyllum Wallisii ‘Sensation’ - Peace Lily

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