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Social responsibility

We believe our responsibility doesn't only lie in indoor plants. It's in our best interest to act responsibly, both on a social and corporate level. Each branch in the country can develop its own initiatives to meet the needs of its staff and community.


Our immediate priority in undertaking any project is the safety of our staff and clients. Delivering excellent customer service begins with happy staff that go home safely each day to their family and friends. Safety is the first agenda item in each of our internal meetings, and we ensure all staff receive ongoing training to ensure they, and our clients, are safe at all times.

In addition to ensuring our staff and clients are safe each day, we believe that social responsibility is part of everyone’s day-to-day work. It is part of our business practices and every branch in Australia is responsible for it. Each branch is encouraged to develop its own initiatives to meet the needs of the local business environment and culture.

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