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Restoring The Daintree

Tucked into vibrant Queensland is one of the world’s most ancient tropical lowland rainforest - The Daintree. Believed to have lineage of over 180 million years old, Daintree is arguably the most biodiverse environment on the planet, compared to Amazon at 55 million years old. Daintree has been recognised as a World Heritage area for its outstanding geological and ecological diversity. Over time this unique ecosystem has evolved into a bustling wildlife heaven, housing species found nowhere else on the planet. Daintree is home to:

- 3,000 plant species from over 210 families 

- 12,000 insect species 

- 2,880 wildlife species

This majestic paradise is under threat from Deforestation and Climate Change. Leading to fragmentation, displacement of wildlife and susceptibility to invasive weeds.

Rainforest Rescue, a not-for profit organisation established in 1999 and is dedicated to restoring & protecting rainforests Forever. With mission to buy back vulnerable coastal land and transform it back to lush rainforest habitat. With the help of corporate partners Rainforest Rescue transforms degraded properties back into lush rainforest habitat. Ensuring this unique ecosystem is protected and restored for future generations.

Ambius Australia has been a proud Rainforest Rescue partner since 2006, with a shared goal of restoring the Daintree.In joined efforts we have been able to contribute to restoring and protecting this amazing ecosystem. Our contribution of funding, to date, has meant that we have been able to: 

  • Protect 8 unprotected properties
  • Save 25,600 square meters of Daintree Lowland
  • Restore 3,600 square meters of Daintree Lowland
  • Contribution to grow and propagate over 2,400 seedlings 

 These rescued properties will now remain forever protected and out-of-reach of threatening activities.

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