Sky Planter: Great space saving option

5 Containers (& Plants) for small spaces

A common reason (often fair) for not having indoor plants is a lack of space.

Luckily, there are a range of beautiful containers and plants that you can use to beautify your workspace, especially in small areas. Here are five:


You might not have the space for a full green wall. That’s not a problem. You can still enjoy the aesthetic and health benefits of a green wall.

LivePicture is a mini green wall option (725mm x 725mm), perfect for any space which, unlike a full green wall, gives you flexibility on where you can place it around your workspace. You can enjoy a variety of plants in the LivePicture, including syngoniums.

LivePicture - mini plant Green Wall option

LivePicture – mini Green Wall option

Boskke Sky Planter:

Space saving with a twist. Sky Planters don’t take up any floor space as they hang from the ceiling, and even better, can create immediate appeal because they are so unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Sky Planter: Great space saving option

Sky Planter: Great space saving option

We suggest the plant “Scindapsus aureus – pothos” for the Sky Planter, as this plant is a trailing plant, meaning it will hang down and the leaves still hang up towards the light.

 Puro 20:

Puro 20 plant container

Puro 20: Brighten up any desk space

Brighten up your desk space. Shaped like a large golf ball, the Puro 20 doesn’t take up much space and is very pleasing to the eye. We suggest one of the following plants for the Puro 20, as they create a beautiful little centrepiece:


Suggested Plants for Puro 20

Elliot PlanterElliot red planter

The Elliot Planter can enable you to create a warm, welcoming environment for your clients and staff. These are a really cool a
ddition to any space, with a three colours (black, white, red) available to choose from, that most closely suits your branding or which ever colour you love best! The following plants work best with the Elliot Planter:

Plants for Elliot


Cilindro is an awesome floor standing container than can work nicely in a small space. The Cilindro is only 335mm wide which gives you flexibilityCilindro - Perfect for smaller areas on where to place it. Works nicely near meeting room doors and entry points to leave a positive impression. Suggested plants:


Plants for Cilindro

Check out our Container Range for more containers that suit your space.

Charbel Coorey

Kentia Palm plant
Sansevieria Plant

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