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Ambius Australiana Cilindro – Homage to Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage

The focus on Australian products and solutions is growing across all industries with our attention being drawn to our own backyard, encouraging us to really embrace Australian made products.

As part of our Australian made indoor display solutions, Ambius set out on a journey to add an Indigenous product to the range, honouring our Indigenous culture. Our new Australiana Cilindro creates more than just a beautiful space, but also introduces the charm of Aboriginal culture to your work environment.

The Charm of Aboriginal Art

The Charm of Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art is so unique. It represents a different way of interpreting the natural world. Incorporating traditional Indigenous beliefs, Aboriginal artforms provide an intriguing combination of various elements working together to create stunning artwork.

The identifiable characteristics through rich tones, colour combinations and art techniques; such as rock and dot paintings, engravings, carvings, sculptures and weaving represent animals, people and nature in a unique way.

Perhaps one of the most interesting insights is understanding the meaning of the art and the artists expression of the story it represents.

Incorporating Indigenous culture

The Ambius vision in selecting the art for the Australiana collection was to capture these elements and incorporate them with the vibrant and green solution while providing a meaning to the display. 

It is a designed contemporary solution, enriched with a story supporting the Indigenous community and the artists. Enabling effortless transformation of the space, creating a focal point and certainly a conversation starter. 

The two artwork designs provide an insight into the world of Indigenous culture, a view into the artists vision of the story telling through traditional beliefs and interpretation. 

An Australian made design solution – Exclusive to Ambius!

There are three components that form the Australiana Cilindro collection.

The floorstanding Australian made Cilindro container, exclusive to Ambius. Available in two colours it is easily suited to various indoor colour schemes.

What transforms this container into an Australiana collection is the addition of authentic Aboriginal artwork. With two designs to choose from, each delivering a unique story told by the artist. 

While various plants in Ambius range suit this designed container, for the final touch of an all Australian inspired solution, the addition of Kentia Palm completes this story. Native to Lord Howe Island this plant species is the ideal addition to the Australiana Cilindro display.

The perfect Australiana Cilindro design for your space

To suit the colour palette and design of your space, Australiana collection offers a couple of options to choose from. 

  1. The colour of Cilindro container – available in black or white finishes
  2. The artwork design of your choice… or why not choose to have both works of art
  3. The plant of your choice fitting in with your vision

About Australiana Designs and their story

Ezariah Kelly

Ezariah Kelly, one of the most exciting emerging Indigenous artists, through this art piece brings us a story according to beliefs of Kunwinjku people of western Arnhem land. 

He depicts Mimihs, the original spirit beings who taught Aboriginal people many of the skills needed to survive in the bush, along with ceremonies, dance and song. 

These spirits continue to live in the rocks, trees and caves and are rarely seen by humans. Mimihs can be seen in the rock art of Arnhem Land as small, dynamic figures, usually shown with hunting weapons such as spears, woomeras, stone axes and digging sticks. 

Ezariah tells a story that depicts strength and survival in the natural world.

Elizabeth Nungarrayi Ross

Elizabeth Nungarrayi Ross’ passion for Indigenous culture and painting takes us into the world of Aboriginal beliefs and appreciation of nature. Expressing her vision of nature and the multiple benefits it provides through this art piece. 

The story depicts a dreaming of a special medicinal tree called Ngalypi, known to cure aches and pains, headaches and snake bites. A reminder of the power of nature and the many healing benefits it offers.  

Supporting the Indigenous community

Delivering Australiana Cilindro container solution is more than adding a product to Ambius range. By introducing the artwork to our range we are supporting the Indigenous community and the talented artists.

Each container carries a Copyright guarantee that certifies the authenticity of genuine Aboriginal artwork. 

Ambius is proud to contribute to our Indigenous community, galleries and the artists, via every Australiana container that we provide and also promoting and sharing these amazing stories. 

Responsible sourcing and promoting of the artwork is key in supporting the Indigenous community and a small step that businesses can take.

For more information on the Australiana Cilindro collection or to make an enquiry across the Ambius range,  get in touch: https://www.ambiusindoorplants.com.au/contact-us/

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