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Ambius partners with BRE on world’s first Biophilic Design Office Project

Ambius is proud to be a core partner in the world’s first Biophilic Design Research Project.

Specifically, Ambius will be a key player in a unique experiment set in a real office, to be run across 30 months, in partnership with the Building Research Establishment (BRE). The research aims to deliver strong evidence on how empowering workspaces for employees can deliver Return On Investment (ROI).

What is Biophilia?

“Biophilia” relates to our innate need to connect with nature.  There is now wider recognition of the importance of nature in workplaces. Hence, Biophilic Design is a fast growing trend, which encapsulates three main elements:

  • Holistic Design Strategies: Incorporating nature enables people to fulfill their need to connect with nature, even while working.
  • Multiple Factors: Healthy offices should contain the likes of natural light, fresh air and views of green spaces.
  • Results: Improved psychological and physical comfort, leading to better health, wellbeing and engagement.
Biophilia - Biophilic Design using Indoor Plants

We have an innate need to connect with nature

A little more detail on the Biophilic Design Research Project:

The results, expected by January 2020, will provide robust evidence around the human and environmental benefits of Biophilic Design in offices. Without a doubt, Biophilic Design is a great way of designing creatively, beautifully and sustainably:

  • This research will connect buildings with nature: Live elements such as indoor plants will be provide environmental and human data as evidence for health and wellbeing of office occupants.
  • Office refurbishment project: Specifically, office occupants will be connected with nature thanks to a comprehensive, ground-breaking office refurbishment project. This will give scientific evidence on the impact of biophilic design on staff productivity, health and wellbeing.
  • Long term research foundation: This project will provide guidance to building best practice for ensuring occupants are enabled to do their job to the best of their ability! Sustainability and indoor plants is certainly the perfect match.

The role of indoor plants in improving health and wellbeing:

Furthermore, indoor plants help us reconnect with nature, and is an important element of Biophilic Design. Today, our cities disconnect us from nature, so greenery is a beautiful, simple way to create healthier, happier and more sustainable workplaces.

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In Australia, we spend 90% of our time indoors, so the environment we work in can either enhance or harm our wellbeing.

In a recent survey of 1,000 Australian workers, workplaces with five biophilic elements (natural light, views and images of nature, plants and water) delivered 100% workplace satisfaction. Where there were no biophilic elements present, this plunged to 47%.

Therefore, the workplace environment is vital to strong business performance. Workplace satisfaction is an important element of workplace productivity, which delivers excellent benefits to businesses.

To learn more about how indoor plants can work for you, we have a number of resources for you to explore:

Also, you can learn more about the project here. Here’s to happier, more productive workplaces!

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