Cone (tang) with Sensation Plant

Ambius Plants Case Study – Elevio

Cone (tang) with Sensation Plants

Cone (tang) with Sensation Plant

Elevio is a software support tool, mainly used by SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) businesses. It’s a widget that sits on your site, which holds all of your support in one place, so users never have to leave your site to find the help they need. Elevio aims to reach a goal of zero support and reaching optimum level of customer support and experience.

Ambius were called upon to provide plants to give the Elevio space (Melbourne) more character and make it feel more enjoyable to work in.

The brief:

The decision to have plants was made with both aesthetic and staff wellbeing reasons in mind. Elevio wanted to give their space a more inviting look and feel. The plants help create an environment that is more aesthetically pleasing, as well as one that enables productivity.

The solution:

The approach was based around making the work environment more fun and creating a more homely feel for the staff to work in. Ambius designed and installed the plants both for the interior space as well as outside the office to help staff relax and recharge. In addition, Elevio not having to take care of the plants was a big factor, with dedicated Ambius technicians servicing the plants on a regular basis.

Ambius installed Cone planters to add a more homely feel to the space, with the following plants used:

-          Decora

-          Kentia Palm

-          Sensation

The results:

With Ambius offering Cone planters in a range of colours, Ambius installed charcoal and tang coloured cones to add striking colour to the space. The different plants used also helps make the space quite inviting and pleasing to work in. The Elevio staff enjoy the space they’re in and feel good about coming to work, which is so important in continuing to deliver an excellent product to their customers.

“Other than the plants helping us make our work environment more fun, they definitely add to the vibe of the office, creating a more homely feel. That then results in staff feeling good about coming to work and enjoying the space they’re in.”

Helena Mueller, Elevio

Kentia Palm Plants

Kentia Palm Plant

Cone (charcoal) with Decora Plants

Cone (charcoal) with Decora Plant









Like with Elevio, Ambius can help you achieve your business goals in a beautiful and healthy space. Check out our containers and plants or get in touch by contacting 1300AMBIUS.

Charbel Coorey

Sansevieria Plant

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