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Before and after: Impact of plants

Indoor plants are fantastic at transforming the indoor spaces aesthetically, as well as added benefit of  removing VOCs and pollutants, in turn improving our health and wellbeing,

We as humans have an innate need to connect with nature. Indoor Plants allow us to connect with nature even while we work, which can help increase productivity and leave a great impression among staff and visitors/clients. Below are some before and after comparisons that show the impact of plants.

The following three images were taken at a leading financial services company in Sydney, as part of an indoor environmental quality study:

Office before plants
Office after plants

Charcoal Urban Planters with Compacta plant species have added a really nice touch to this mini break-out area. Allowing the staff to enjoy the green and thriving space, and welcome clients and visitors to a space that is pleasant and inviting. 

Office after plants
Before plants
After with schiavello

Green Wall installed in the space, without the need to physically mount to the wall! Schiavello Vertical Garden is a convenient green wall solution that adds an impact to the space, whilst removing pollutants and other indoor air toxins. Add a few Quadro 21s and you have both floor-standing and desktop containers that don't take up much space, yet leave a lasting impression!

Before elliot
Elliot planter

Interior plants also work really well in smaller spaces, and can help create a homely feel at work. The red Elliot Planter with Bromeliad is a beautiful addition your desk space will appreciate!

Reception before plants
Reception after plants

Plants work really well in reception areas. So important as this is the first impression of your business, not only for clients but also staff. 

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) highlights that surveys show workplace plants give perception that a company is trustworthy, welcoming and conscious of staff well-being.

The LivePicture is a green-wall option that takes up 725mm x 725mm of space, and Blush Drops are a really cool addition if you're looking for taller plant display for the reception area, hotel foyer, meeting room or anywhere else in the workplace! 

Browese through our collection of containers:  Ambius container range.

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