Christmas is an opportunity to boost staff engagement!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

With this special time of year upon us,  it is a great opportunity to boost staff engagement in your workplace. Here are three easy ways you can keep staff engaged and productive in the Christmas period:

1. Encouraging staff to get involved in Christmas decorations

Research has shown that decorating the workplace puts employees in a better mood. Decorating the office and Christmas tree is a great way of giving staff the option of how they’d like to decorate the space, and not simply asking them to settle for a workspace assigned to them.

Happy employees leads to greater productivity, better customer service and a more effective holiday season. Creating the right atmosphere is so important to enable staff to perform at their best, and Christmas time is a fantastic opportunity for that. Decorating the office together facilitates staff bonding, suggests a close-knit team and is a “thank you” for all the work and goals achieved throughout the year.

2. Christmas nibbles!

Nothing brings people together like decorations and food, right?!

Food in conjunction with decorating is such a simple but great way to bring the Christmas cheer to the workplace, and can also boost productivity. For example, gingerbread cookies can boost iron intake for that extra energy boost!

3. Sharing photos of Christmas decorations

Capture those great moments!

Be sure to share photos of the Christmas decorations and food throughout the business, and praise all staff for creating an awesome Christmas atmosphere. Thank them for all their efforts throughout the year. This is sure to create a great workplace vibe – staff will feel part of a family and will appreciate that their efforts throughout the year are noticed.

Something so simple can be so rewarding!

Merry Christmas

From everyone at Ambius, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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