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LivePicture – Art That Lives

It can often be the case that an indoor space doesn't allow for a full, large green wall. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a green wall!

LivePicture by Ambius is a mini green wall option suited to any space. Put simply, LivePicture is an awesome conversation starter and you get the benefits of a green wall.

Small space? No problem: The LivePicture is a space efficient option for any environment, perfect especially for smaller spaces. Because it hangs on a wall like a painting, you get to choose where you’d like to have your LivePicture(s)!*

Beautiful: Captivating plant design that can leave a lasting impression on your staff and clients. LivePicture is an option for receptions or other areas where clients and staff are prominent. See more images below!

Unique: LivePicture is something different that can spark conversation. LivePicture is also a superb design feature, where you can have a clustered effect, creating an aesthetically pleasing space, as you can see on the right.


Smart: Self sustaining art where you simply sit back and enjoy the view.

Sustainable: Achieve a sustainable indoor environment with an innovative touch. Plants are proven to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the air and you have the choice of a variety of plants for the LivePicture.

The LivePicture has been a real hit in Australia since launch in September 2016, with its space efficiency and unique look really popular features.**


Studies have shown that plants can increase productivity, reduce sickness and improve overall wellbeing. The LivePicture takes this to the next level, bridging the gap between art and nature to create a cool centrepiece. At just 725mm x 725mm, the LivePicture has the potential to be a great extension of your brand and culture.

Want to learn more about LivePicture? Get in touch with your local Ambius branch.

*We will conduct a quick test at your premise to ensure we don't interfere with any electrical wires or studs when installing the LivePicture.

** One size available in Australia (725mm x 725mm)

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