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Designing custom containers

There’s nothing like designing a custom fixture, and at Ambius we want to work with you to bring your ideas to life!

The last thing you want is water leaking onto your clients’ paperwork or your plants not surviving beyond the first few months, so we’ve developed a step-by-step guide to designing custom containers.

If you have any questions feel free to give one of our Design Consultants a call on 1300 228 891.

Download the Custom Plant Container Guide

The guide below is split into two sections:

  1. Design Guide for Stand Alone Containers - Use this section for custom troughs, cabinet-top units, floor-standing containers and desktop containers.
  2. Design Guide for Garden Beds & Unsealed Containers - Use this section for: 
  • Large areas where it would be impractical to fit a single sub-irrigation system; or
  • Custom containers that are unsealed or cannot be water-tight.

The guide also includes a handy checklist to ensure that you’ve ticked off all the essential elements for a successful (and practical!) custom plant container.

>>Download the Custom Plant Container Guide