Green Star Certification

Indoor plants can help to contribute 2 points towards a Green Star Interiors rating through the reduction of indoor pollutants, where:

  • Indoor plants are evenly distributed over the nominated space; and
  • The health of the plants is maintained with a (minimum) two-year maintenance agreement

Supporting your Green Star Certification

Ambius can support your Green Star application by assisting with compliance requirements as well as supplying supporting documentation, including:

  • Confirmation of the quantity and species of all plants supplied
  • A statement supporting the plants suitability to indoor environments
  • Horticultural Maintenance Plan that meets the certification requirements, including demonstration of (at least) a two year commitment
  • Confirmation that the plants supplied were installed within the tenancy fitout
  • The total number and sizes of plants installed and the fraction of the NLA covered by the plants
  • A copy of the as-built tenancy plan indicating the location of the plants/planters.

Contact your Ambius Design Consultant to discuss your Green Star project on 1300 228 891.

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Ambius is an active partner and member of the Green Building Council of Australia.


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