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Plants can have a significant impact on the perception, collective well-being, productivity and profitability of a business. So, not only do they have an aesthetic benefit for your interior design, they have a commercially tangible outcome that you can offer to your client.

Plants can also be one of the most cost-effective and impact elements in an interior design – if you’ve got an expert who can bring your vision to life!

That’s what we aim to be for architects and designers at Ambius: your expert Plantscape partner.

We’ve been working with Australia’s leading architects and designers for over a decade. We’ve honed our method of working with architects and designers, as well as developed some handy tools, to ensure a seamless process from concept to construction – and beyond.

Discover how we can help:

Working Together Thumb

Working together

Find out how we will work together to achieve your vision – from concept to construction and beyond.

Designing Custom Containers Thumb

Designing custom containers

We’ve developed a guide to help you design a custom container that will ensure the plants thrive – and avoid disasters for your client!

CAD Files & Spec Sheets Thumb

CAD files and Spec Sheets

Include plants and containers in your design right from the concept stage with our CAD files and Spec Sheets.

Case Studies Thumb

Case studies

See the work we’ve done with other architects and interior designers.

Green Star Certification Thumb

Green Star Certification

Find out how Ambius can support your Green Star application.


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