Working Together

Working together is a 3 step process of developing the design, construction and ongoing maintenance.

1. Developing the design

Developing The Design

Your own expert Design Consultant

Together, we’ll work on getting your vision out of your head and on to paper – it’s the most important part of the design process. Our plantscape Design Consultants work hard to fully understand your vision to ensure our team delivers what you want.

You also have access to our CAD files and Spec Sheets so you can include our plants and containers into your concept.

Our Design Consultant will then carry out a survey to ensure we reach the right solution for the long-term

Including measurements and light readings for planting schemes. Creativity is vital in designing a scheme that meets or exceeds your expectations, while delivering a value for money solution.

2. Construction


Your plantscape vision comes to life

The exciting part! Our fully trained Plantscape Installers will install your plants at a time that is convenient for you and your client and follow strict safety, health and environment procedures to ensure your client’s staff remain safe and healthy during installation.

3. Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance

Your plants will then receive regular maintenance so they thrive all year round

Our fully trained Plantscape Technicians will nurture and care for your client’s plants. A one- or two-year maintenance program is built into the initial cost to ensure that your design continues to thrive long after construction is complete.

We will visit your client regularly and make sure your plants are thriving, and if not, we’ll swap them over with fresh plants. All maintenance visits are recorded with a signature as proof of service and we will back up our service with regular quality checks.

Our maintenance program will include:

  • Hand watering
  • Fertilisation
  • Dusting and cleaning of leaves
  • Weed, litter and dead foliage removal
  • Replacement of unhealthy and/or unsightly plants
  • Top up of chip bark, soil or pebble
  • Cleaning of decorative pot/containers
  • Pruning of foliage
  • Insect and disease treatment

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