Australiana Cilindro Dreaming


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Australiana Cilindro Dreaming

Australiana Cilindro ‘Dreaming’ is exclusive to Ambius and a unique addition to any space.

Supporting the Indigenous community and the artists, our newest addition, Australiana Cilindro Dreaming is an elegant container display with a story. Providing an insight into the world of Indigenous culture and the artists interpretation of the many benefits mother nature provides.

  • Available in black and white container options, with the Dreaming art design
  • Works great grouped with other pots, effortlessly stands out
  • When paired with Kentia Palm – a native to Lord Howe Island, this display becomes a real Australian addition to your space.

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Australiana Cilindro Dreaming  Specifications

Material: Polyethelene

Available colours: Black, White

Suggested plants: Howea Forsteriana ‘Kentia Palm’, Spathiphyllum, Dracena deremensis ‘Janet Craig’

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Title: Australiana Cillindro - Bush Vine Dreaming – Ngalyipi Jukurrpa

Elizabeth Nungarrayi Ross

Passionate about her culture Elizabeth has dedicated her life to teaching the Warlpiri language, in the bilingual education program.

Painting is her passion and has been an important part of expressing her vision of nature and all the benefits it provides.

Born: 1949 Region: Tanami Desert, NT

Aboriginal Nation: Warlpiri

The artists story on the artwork depicts a dreaming of a special medicinal tree, called Ngalyipi, known to cure aches and pains, headaches and snake bites.

This a reminder of the many healing benefits nature provides.