Australiana Cilindro Dreaming


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Australiana Cilindro Hunting

Australiana Cilindro ‘Hunting’ is exclusive to Ambius and a unique addition to any space.

Supporting the Indigenous community and the artists, our newest addition, Australiana ‘Cilindro Hunting’ is an elegant container display that brings a story. An insight into the world of Indigenous culture and the artists interpretation of the story based on Aboriginal beliefs.

  • Available in black and white container options, with the Dreaming art design
  • Works great grouped with other pots, effortlessly stands out
  • When paired with Kentia Palm – a native to Lord Howe Island, this display becomes a real Australian addition to your space.

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Australiana Cilindro Dreaming  Specifications

Material: Polyethelene

Available colours: Black, White

Suggested plants: Howea Forsteriana ‘Kentia Palm’, Spathiphyllum, Dracena deremensis ‘Janet Craig’

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Title: Australiana Cilindro - Mimih Spirit Hunting

Ezariah Kelly

One of the most exciting emerging artists. 

His style is characterised by bold lines, a strong sense of design and high visual impact. 

With interest in environmental phenomena, his work often features  inventive themes from the natural world and vignettes of every day traditional life. 

Born: 1982  Clan: Mirradja Region: Gunbalanya, Western Arnhem Land, NT

The artist story telling is according to Kunwinjku people of western Arnhem land.

Mimihs were the original spirit beings who taught Aboriginal people many of the skills needed to survive in the bush, along with ceremonies, dance and song.

These spirits continue to live in the rocks, trees and caves and are rarely seen by humans. They can be seen in the rock art of Arnhem Land as small, dynamic figures. Usually shown with hunting weapons such as spears, woomeras, stone axes and digging sticks.

The story depicts strength and survival in the natural world.