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Your office space is an asset that can be a catalyst to strong business performance. Learn how indoor plants make your office space more beautiful, healthy and sustainable:

  • Check out our images of beautiful offices with plants, including before and after.
  • Learn about how indoor plants can create a healthier environment for your staff.
  • Discover how indoor plants can leave a wonderful impression on staff and visitors.

There is now greater recognition of the contribution of a green workplace to a company's bottom line. Indoor plants work hard in removing Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. According to various research, indoor plants should be considered a vital aspect of any office space:

  • Dry eyes, nose and throat can be reduced by 20%
  • Perceptions of pain can be reduced by 25%
  • Sick leave can be reduced by 20-60%

Green offices can boost productivity by 10-40% and save organisations thousands of dollars by significantly reducing illness and absenteeism. Your staff are one of your most prized assets, and if they are healthy and productive, your business benefits greatly.

The World Green Building Council of Australia highlights eight key criteria for a healthy office. Indoor plants contribute to achievng 75% of these. Find out more here.

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