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Reception areas icon Reception Areas
What is the first impression that your visitors get from you reception? Let Ambius help make your first impression a lasting impression...take a look.

Break out Icon Breakout Areas and Meeting Rooms
Innovative corporate fit outs provide breakout areas and meeting rooms for their staff. Indoor plants are very much a part of this, with many companies 'greening' up these areas to make staff feel good…take a look.

Open Plan Offices Icon Corporate Open Plan Offices
1 in 3 staff working in open plan offices complain of the noise, but Ambius can help reduce noise levels with the right plants. Add to this the trend towards green building design and businesses are sure to improve staff health and productivity...take a look.

Atriums and Large Spaces icon Atriums and Open Spaces
Atriums and large interior spaces in buildings often provide ideal growing environments because they tend to be large and well lit. Planting in Atriums can create impressive 'green' displays...take a look.

Hotel icon Hotels and Restaurants
Our clients in the hospitality trade understand just how important first impressions are. That’s why they trust Ambius Indoor Plants to help them create environments that are contemporary, welcoming and inspiring for their guests...take a look.

Healthcare icon Fitness and Health
Indoor Plants can make your gym interior reflect the way you want people to feel: looking good and feeling great! Plants are also important in aged care and health care environments as they help patient recovery…take a look.

Retail Office Plants Retail and Public Spaces
Imaginative interior planting brings the outside in, creating inspiring nature spaces which make everyone feel more comfortable and ready to shop...take a look.

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