Green Star rating

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Green Star rating points

When we think about sustainability, do our indoor environments come to mind? 

80% of us live in urban areas, spending 90% of our time indoor environments that could be up to 10% times more polluted than outdoor environments. Indoor pollutants combine with outdoor pollutants, putting people at risk of falling ill regularly. 

So, out with the bad news, and in with the good! 

Green Star recognises the indoor environment as a key part of the sustainability conversation. Green Star is an internationally recognised sustainability rating system, aimed at creating healthy places for people and building a better future.

Indoor Plants can contribute to two Green Star Rating Points:

  • One point for the distribution and maintenance of plants.
  • One point for ongoing service and maintenance of the plants.

A Green Star rated building is a key differentiator in today’s business world, with a significant focus on environmental impact, health and wellbeing. If a business is concerned for the environment and staff wellbeing, it is a big tick in the eyes of the community.

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