Snake Plant (Sansevieria Species Mother-in-Law's Tongue)

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Sansevieria is a genus of flowering plants consisting of close to 70 species. It is endemic to Asia, but can also be found in the Pacific islands. The Snake Plant is a beautifully unique plant, adding vibrant colour to any space. It is suited to low, medium and high light environments, and work well in desktop and floor standing containers/pots.

Snake Plant


Sansevieria are cold sensitive so place in a warm position. They are not tolerant of cold winds and frosts.


  • Light: Low, Medium, High
  • Lux: 250 -2000
  • Pot Size: 200, 250, 300mm Squat
  • Height: 50 - 150cm
  • Weight: 2.75 - 12.00kg