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Ambius Biophilic Design E-Book

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Ambius E-Book: Biophilic Design & Protecting Our People

Download Ambius' e-book - “Biophilic Design and its role in protecting our people."

Biophilia is a phenomenon taking the world by storm!

It explains why the likes of greenery, water views and natural light captivate us.

Biophilic Design is a people focused approach to design, incorporating nature to create spaces that inspire.

With Australians spending less than an hour a day on average, Biophilic Design plays a vital role in protecting our people.

  • A single absent worker costs a business $340 a day.
  • 92 million working days are lost in Australia per year, totalling a $33 billion loss.
  • Illness/injury is the most prominent cause of absenteeism.

Biophilia explains our need to connect with nature, and Biophilic Design enables this even when indoors. More importantly, it helps enable staff health and wellbeing.

The numbers are amazing!

Download Ambius Indoor Plants’ e-book today and learn more about how Biophilic Design can do wonders for your people and business.