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Shine Solutions case study

Shine Solutions are a software development company, delivering digital solutions to some of Australia’s leading enterprises. Committed to creating long-term relationships, Shine Solutions takes pride in ensuring their space is inviting and engaging for clients and staff.

The brief

The Shine Solutions team moved into their current office in 2015 and needed to finish the decor. Shine Solutions is an existing Ambius client, with a lot of traditional planting throughout the office that were very well received among staff and clients.

Shine Solutions also have a cafe separate to where the existing plants are, which had a large wall with a mural of a forest scene on it. All along, the team had been about some still artwork to help execute the final look and feel of their space.

The solution

Why should art only mean a still picture? The Ambius LivePicture challenges this idea, taking art to the next level. As Shine Solutions were only considering still, printed artwork, it was the perfect opportunity for Ambius to suggest the LivePicture as a sustainable & beautifully unique way to satisfy the client’s desire for office art.

By combining plants and art, the LivePicture offers a holistic, beautiful and picturesque Green-Wall option to the client. Shine Solutions enjoy the aesthetic benefits of stunning artwork, as well as the benefits of plants, such as improved air quality and improved business perception in the eyes of staff and clients.

In addition, the LivePictures enabled Shine Solutions to combine their office and cafe area together, and create a more cohesive and inviting space.

The results

The LivePictures haven’t gone unnoticed. The team loves the live plants and enjoy frequent, positive comments from clients. Also, the LivePictures have helped boost staff engagement, with the team really enjoying the vibe that the plants bring. The client has successfully incorporated artwork into their space, in combination with beautiful and inviting greenery, which helps the team connect with nature indoors (biophilia). 

Initially, the team had four LivePictures in their Melbourne CBD office. Shine Solutions have now increased the number of LivePictures to six because of the positive feedback received.

“Getting live plants was a step outside the norm for us in terms of the office decor but we are really happy with the results. We feel it’s a more natural environment to bring “live” elements in and the colour against the views of the cityscape is ever-changing and beautiful.”

- Gillian Dollard, Office Manager/Executive Assistant

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