Silk Floral Arrangements

Your solution for a year-round bloom of spectacular flowers



These stunning silk flowers will create the perfect ambience for your environment, welcoming clients into your space. Ambius silk floral arrangements are designed by our experts to create combinations that are realistic, modern and stylish. Your silks will be changed monthly, ensuring that they are always looking clean and terrific.


Best Locations for Silks

Silk floral arrangements are the perfect solution to brighten spaces in your environment that have limited access to natural light and aren’t conducive to live plants. The optimal locations for a striking silk floral arrangement include:

  • Reception areas/Waiting rooms
  • Windowless meeting rooms
  • Offices with little natural light
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Restaurants/cafes/bars
  • Shop fronts located inside shopping centres

For spaces that don’t support live foliage, Ambius silk floral arrangements can create the appearance of a fresh bloom of flowers in an otherwise dull location. The key benefit of using silks is that  the flowers will retain their colours and perfect arrangement with minimal maintenance.



Allergy-free solution for Medical offices

Silk floral arrangements are ideal for allergy-free environments. The absence of pollen in the display reduces the impact of hay fever on your team and clients as well as the attraction of  insects to your environment.

Silks are perfect for the following locations:

  • Medical offices
  • Dental surgeries
  • Hospitals


Space Saver

Once a silk floral arrangement is created, it will not expand or spread, making it the perfect option for tight spaces. Whether it be between two larger cabinets, under a tight staircase or in a high location, silks offer a burst of colour that won’t fade.

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Cost-effective solution

A cost-effective way to rejuvenate your office space is with the bright colours and earthy tones found in Ambius silk floral arrangements. As they are low-maintenance and fade-resistant, they have a longevity that fresh flowers don’t. The Ambius team will periodically rotate your arrangements, keeping your space revitalised without the high cost of weekly fresh flowers.

By choosing silks, you are receiving more for less!


Why Ambius?

Our extensive experience with plants inspired us to create silk designs that are realistic and so close in texture to fresh-cut flowers that your clients won’t know the difference.

To find out more, feel free to contact one of our expert Plantscape Consultants.

Call 1300 228 891 or contact us online now.

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Selections vary from state to state and vary slightly from images.


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