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Custom/Bespoke plantscaping solutions

Transforming indoors into amazing spaces is our passion. Creating unique spaces that stand out and demand attention while providing healthier and vibrant environments.

Ambius custom/bespoke portfolio caters for projects of all types, styles and sizes. Providing the complete service, our expert teams work with you to understand the vision and goals for the space. Working off the plans we make recommendations based on a range of considerations: Light levels, sizing, plant species selection, planting criteria, right through to functionality and aesthetics.  

We also assist in calculations to help you achieve Green Star rating

Our indoor plantscaping projects

Explore some of our Custom/Bespoke projects that we’ve delivered helping businesses create amazing indoors that thrive and stand out. Offering unique spaces to staff, customers and clients. 


What sets us apart

Innovative, quality solutions that offer more. Paired with our expert team and our highest quality service standards. Ensuring your indoors look amazing and continue to thrive.

Our interior plantscaping solutions

Precise water delivery method that ensures the plants get the right amount

of water, extending the life of the plant.

How it works:

Water is poured into the reservoir of the Ambius and/or bespoke container.

The wick takes the water up, from the reservoir, to the root of the plant, by Osmosis.

Waterproofing & Preparation

Sealing your containers:

We waterproof your containers which ensures there are no leaks onto the floor or onto cabinets.

Preparing your containers:

We prepare your containers, adding sub-irrigation, making sure they are ready for planting.

Design plantscape consultants

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in container design and plant health.

We assist every step of the way to provide the best solution and advice for you.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in container design and plant health.

We assist every step of the way to provide the best solution and advice for you.

We offer a wide range of interior plantscaping solutions to enable you to get the most out of your interior space. We provide you with three options to choose from:


Hire, Maintenance and Replacement

We supply your containers and plants, and maintain them regularly/replace where necessary to make sure they are healthy and provide your indoors with all the benefits plants provide.

Maintenance and Replacements

Want your own bespoke design? Ambius can help source your containers. Meaning that you own your containers and Ambius will hire, maintain and replace your plants.

Product Purchase

Purchase your plants and containers outright. You can still have peace of mind, by leaving the maintenance to us. We take care of your plants, and replace where necessary, making sure they are healthy and looking great.

Check out our indoor plants range

Indoor plant range

View our full range of indoor plants, distributed around Australia from Ambius Accredited Nursery

Green Walls

Take a look at our green wall portfolio to see how our plants can transform your indoor space


We offer a variety of contemporary containers, in a range of colours and finishes that suit various indoor environments.

Ambius e-book: Biophilic design and protecting our people

Biophilic Design is a people focused approach to design, incorporating nature to create spaces that inspire.

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