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Green Walls

Our passion is transforming indoors into vibrant, unique spaces that look amazing and provide a beautiful experience

Our range of Green Walls

Green walls are a unique and eye catching addition to the indoors. Our collection of Green wall solutions is perfectly suited to a range of indoor spaces. Ranging from our largest Built In Green Wall right through to our smallest green wall solution, a wall mounted Live Picture Go.

Built - in Green Wall

Create your own rainforest-like environment indoors with our Built-in Green Wall offering!

Mobile Green Wall

Looking for a lush, full Green Wall look without anything physically built in to your wall? Mobile Green Wall is for you!


Add some natural beauty to your space, and leave a lasting impression!

Moss Wall

Transforms the space, adding charm and elegance. The Moss pixels seamlessly form the desired look, from large surface areas to small wall additions with maximum flexibility in shape and design.

Schiavello Vertical Garden

The Schiavello Vertical Garden is one of our most popular options.

Schiavello Wall

The Schiavello Wall can beautify any space!

LivePicture Go

Live Picture GO is our smallest green wall solution with a big impact.

Featured greenery walls project gallery

Check out our other ranges of indoor plants

Green Wall plants

We design, install and maintain indoor plant displays so that they always remain beautiful and healthy.

Tabletop plants

At Ambius, we believe all workspaces, small and large, can reap the benefits of indoor plants. Even desks can benefit from the addition of small indoor plants. Our Ambius consultants’ creativity is not limited to space.

Floor standing plants

Make your work environment a more positive space for you, your employees & your guests. Have a look at our indoor floor plant selection.


Ambius worked with GHD’s design team to source and install for this project. Making recommendations of suitable plant varieties and designs within the set budget. Incorporating a Schiavello Vertical Garden, with mass planting of Pothos, assisted in providing design impact and created the effect of walls covered with plants, striking from every angle.

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Learn more about how Ambius can help you get the most out of your interior space with indoor plants.