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Ambius Australiana Cilindro – Homage to Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage

The focus on Australian products and solutions is growing across all industries with our attention being drawn to our own backyard, encouraging us to really embrace Australian made products.

The treasures in our own backyard

Ambius Australia is proud to be a part of the quest to restore The Daintree. A truly unique treasure in our very own backyard.

5 plants great at purifying indoor air

Plants work wonders in removing pollutants from indoor air and facilitating healthier work environments. Check out five plants that work especially well.

Sustainability + Plants = Perfect Match

When we discuss sustainability, do we think about indoors? Research shows that plants can contribute to a healthy and sustainable indoor environment.

Before and after: Impact of plants

Indoor plants help create beautiful work spaces. Check out some before and after shots that highlight the impact of plants in different areas.

LivePicture – Art That Lives

Introducing LivePicture, a beautiful, smart and innovative mini green wall option for your business. Add some natural beauty to your walls with LivePicture.

Why indoor plants are a necessity

5 reasons why indoor plants are a necessity and how plants can improve your bottom line.

Green Star Certification

Discover how indoor plants can help contribute two points towards a Green Star Interiors rating through the reduction of indoor pollutants!