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Ambius plant toppings

Complete your indoor plantscaping design with Ambius range of toppings

Plants pot toppings range

Our passion is transforming indoors into unique spaces that stand out and demand attention, while providing healthier and vibrant environments. We provide a range of choices in toppings. Natural topping selection and the ECO Pebble range, each offering a choice of colour and texture finishes that complement and complete the plantscaping design perfectly.


Ambius Natural Toppings

Our Natural Toppings selection caters for various indoor designs and colour palettes. From Coco Fibre - our most popular natural topping, to Pebble, Bark and Scoria.

We work with you to help you select the right topping that will create the indoors that you envision.

Natural toppings

Ambius ECO Pebble Toppings

Our newest addition of toppings and there is so much to love about them. Made from recycled homewares and computer parts, these pebbles look like the natural pebble and are: lightweight, durable and a sustainable solution. Available in 3 colours these are sure to suit your indoors.

Natural toppings

Explore the gallery of different looks that our toppings can help create complementing the colour palette and design of the space.

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