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Plant containers

Ambius range of containers offers the freedom and flexibility to create the space that you envision. With an array of colours, sizes and finishes there is a fit for every indoor colour palette and design.

Plant containers range

A selection of wood, steel, plastic, concrete through to VOC free and recyclable; our wide range of container materials means we have the perfect container for your space, whatever your style and colour palette.  Introducing colour and texture through container design and vibrant green of the plants throughout your reception or workplace, can help enhance the entire workspace, reduce stress, and improve productivity. 



Desktop containers

Ambius range of desktop container solutions is perfect for any indoors. Ideal for table top, reception or top of cabinet solutions. 

Research suggests that staff are more satisfied when they can organise how their workspace looks - desktop plants are a perfect, simple way to achieve this! 


Floorstanding containers

Incorporating floorstanding container designs into the design of your interior will create indoors that thrive and emanate  a more positive environment. Bring the indoors to life with carefully selected container and plant solutions that reflect your brand. Whether you’re looking for floorstanding plants for the office, common areas, retail space, foyer and more, we provide you with vibrant designed solutions that enhance your staff, clients and visitor experience.


Hanging planters

Vibrant greenery is not limited to your walls, desks or floors. Ambius has hanging container options that are unique and draw attention.

Hanging containers make a great feature in any indoors or entranceway and believe it or not, they can also be a valuable asset to your business.


Planter troughs

Ambius selection of trough container solutions, includes cabinet top and floorstanding options. These can be used in various ways also offering solutions to a range of needs. As troughs offer multiplanting solution, they are ideal for sectioning off areas and creating lush rich green indoors. A great way to transform workplaces and indoor areas.

Green Walls range

Our comprehensive Green Walls range is sure to satisfy all preferences and budgets! Find out more about how Green Walls can beautify your space, ranging from a full built-in Green Wall to our mini-Green Wall "LivePicture".

Indoor plants range

Ambius offers a variety of interior landscaping methods and services that will enhance your workspace.


Breathe life into any commercial space

Ambius Tambour Units are a smart and charming addition that effortlessly transform any space into a refreshing, green and healthy indoors. Configurable to any commercial space, the Ambius Tambour Unit allows for a customised approach to building your new green environment.

5 plants great at purifying indoor air

These five plants can transform any indoor environment from one that is a health risk, to one that facilitates healthy and cleaner air for us to breathe and work in.

Why indoor plants are a necessity

When it’s suggested that someone has dirty washroom habits, you might not immediately think about their hands.

Why choose Ambius Indoor Plants?

Science and innovation
Our team continually develops innovative solutions in collaboration with reputable organisations. Enabling us to provide the latest interior plantscaping design trends along with scientific research developments on the benefits that indoor plants provide.
Local horticultural experts
Our team of horticulturalists share over 120 years of experience, delivering the highest quality service and advice that create a vibrant indoor environment that promotes health and wellbeing.
Trusted expertise
Transforming Australian indoors since 1987, delivering solutions in line with the latest trends in the market, setting the industry standard in interior plantscaping.

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Learn more about how Ambius can help you get the most out of your interior space with indoor plants.