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6 Business Benefits of Green Walls

Life can be so busy and fast paced that we don’t often get the chance to admire nature. 80% of us live in urban areas, where we spend 90% of our time indoors – have we forgotten about nature completely? There is a fair chance we have, through no fault of own as our cities disconnect us from nature.Built-in Green Wall

Green Walls are beautiful additions to any space, which can just slow time down for a little while and help us to relax. We often spend a significant amount time working hard towards achieving business goals, but we don’t have to forget about nature when we work.

Let’s combine nature with work and improve health, productivity and general wellbeing. Here are 6 great benefits of Green Walls for your business:

1. Green Walls can really benefit your bottom line

According to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), just 3 to 6 office plants can significantly reduce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Further, cleaner air enables clearer thinking. A European study by engineers/physicists found a 1% reduction in dissatisfaction with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) which saw a 10% increase in productivity!

This was measured by things such as faster time to complete computer tasks, creative task performance and improved attention capacity. With Green Walls, you have many more than 3 to 6 plants, which means even better indoor air quality and productivity. Green Walls can really repay more than the Schiavello Green Wallcost of their keep! All the more reason to see indoor plants as a necessity.

2. A beautiful look for your business and leave a great impression

We have an innate need to connect with nature. Green Walls are breathtaking and can help employees have an emotional connection to their workplace, because of a more creative and inviting environment

Also, as people are so comfortable around plants, Green Walls can give the perception that your company is trustworthy, warm and welcoming, and stable. A positive impression of our business is vital and Green Walls can help you achieve a great business image.

3. Green Walls also have significant health benefits

When we talk about pollution, we often refer to our outdoor environment. However, according to modern research, our indoor environment may be up to 10 times as polluted as our outdoor environment, which leads to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Indoor plants can reduce symptoms of discomfort. Specifically, Green Walls can reduce sick leave (by 20% even up to 60%), coughing and wheezing (by 35%), dry eyes, nose, throat (by 20%) and perceptions of pain (by 25%).

Showing concern for staff wellbeing is a vital element for any business, and Green Walls enable a healthier environment for those you care about.Mobile Green Wall

4. Green Walls regulate indoor temperatures

Unlike brick or concrete, plant surfaces do not store solar energy; they reflect it. Green Walls help to actively cool the air in summer by a process called evapotranspiration, reducing the need to cool the building.

Help your employees and visitors feel more comfortable. Meeting business goals is challenging enough… enable your staff to achieve business goals in a sustainable and comfortable environment.

5. Green Walls help reduce noise

Noisy environments can be quite distracting and frustrating to work in.

Living green walls act as extra insulation with a layer of air between the plants and the wall. They also reduce noise levels by reflecting, refracting as well as absorbing acoustic energy, which creates an environment that is pleasant and enables productivity

LivePicture - mini Green Wall option6. You may have a smaller space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a Green Wall

The great thing about Green Walls is that they don’t take up floor space. However, if you have a smaller wall space, you can still enjoy the benefits of a Green Wall.

Green Walls come in different sizes, tailored to whatever need you may have. From built in green walls, to Schiavello walls, to the LivePicture, there are various options you can choose to bring a bit of the outside world into your workplace and enable your business to thrive.

Check out our green walls (Built in, mobile, Schiavello vertical tower, Schiavello built in wall and LivePicture) in our Green Walls range.

Charbel Coorey

LivePicture - beautiful Green Wall for reception areas
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  1. Started my own green wall company in Israel in 1997, mainy for offices, hotel lobies and outside wall decorations. My customers have reported many of the benefits you have described in your article. Great post Charbel

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