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Indoor plants and your business

Indoor Plants have great health benefits, but how does this translate to a positive impact on your business?

According to the World Green Building Council (World GBC), there are eight key criteria for a healthy, productive work environment that can significantly increase productivity.

Indoor plants contribute significantly to 75% of these, and can all have a positive impact on your business:

Indoor air quality and ventilation

Indoor Plants reduce indoor pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide. Your people will be working in a healthier environment, and can spend significantly less time feeling unwell.

This ties in closely with productivity increase that indoor plants contribute to - productivity levels can increase by up to 10% with the addition of indoor plants! According to the University of Technology Sydney, productivity increases are measured by things such as:

  • Faster time to complete computer tasks
  • Increased creative performance
  • Improvements in sorting and editing tasks
  • Increased attention capacity and job satisfaction.

Thermal comfort

According to 2011 research on the effects of thermal discomfort in an office on perceived air quality, staff performance falls by 6% when offices are too hot, and 4% when too cold.

Indoor plants don’t store energy, they reflect it. Plants, especially Green Walls, help to actively cool the air, providing your people with a comfortable environment to work in.

Noise & acoustics

WorldGBC reports a 66% fall in staff performance as a result of distracting noise. Indoor plants help reduce noise, by acting as extra insulation between spaces.

Interior layout and active design

Indoor Plants are a modern, sustainable approach to interior design. Also, indoor plants encourage staff engagement - it is proven that staff who feel more in control of their work environment are often more satisfied and loyal.

For example, desktop plants are a great way of giving staff the option of where they’d like to place them! In a recent study with a leading financial institution in Sydney, Ambius found that the introduction of indoor plants led to a 15% increase in staff satisfaction with workplace aesthetics.

Biophilia and views

As humans, we have an innate need to connect with nature, known as "biophilia". Greenery provides us with feelings of calm and relaxation, perfect when working hard towards achieving business goals. Without realising, we reset our “attention-button”, enabling us to work better, for longer, while feeling happier too.

Also, businesses with plants are said to perceived as trustworthy, warm and welcoming, stable and well run, and concerned for staff wellbeing.

Look and feel

Indoor plants enhance the aesthetics of any space.

According to research by the University of Technology Sydney, surveys show that indoor plants give the perception that a company is:

  • Trustworthy
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Stable and well-run
  • Concerned for staff wellbeing
  • Patient and provider of a cleaner, healthier atmosphere

This is backed up by the World GBC, who states that “visual appeal is a major factor in workplace satisfaction.”

Your work environment should be perceived as an asset that can enable productivity and excellent business performance. Indoor plants are an affordable, simple way to achieve this! Also, you can earn up to two Green Star Rating Points for your building thanks to indoor plants. Find out more here.