Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcus Zamiifolio / ZZ Plant)

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Zamioculcus is a tropical perennial plant native to eastern Africa. Zamioculcus derives its name from the cycad genus Zamia due to its similar looking foliage. It is a herbaceous plant growing from a stout underground, succulent rhizome. A beautiful, soft addition to any medium light environment, and comes in four different sizes.

Zanibar Gem


Does not like temperatures below 15oC. The best growth is produced between temperatures 18–26C. Hot temperatures will give an increase in leaf production.


  • Light: Low, Medium, High
  • Lux: 400 - 1500
  • Pot Size: 140, 200, 250, 300mm
  • Height: 20 - 100cm
  • Weight: 0.87 - 9.25kg