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Schiavello Vertical Garden Wall

Transform the aesthetics of your space with with elegant design, versatile, space efficient solution!

Incredible addition to any space, the Schiavello Vertical Garden is our most sought after green wall.

Easily incorporates into any space with individual vertical towers that create a green wall solution. 



Schiavello Vertical Garden

The flexibility of this solution means that it suits just about any space. A perfect option to create a great impression. 



Schiavello VG 2m: L 225mm x W 225mm x H 2000mm 

Schiavello VG 2.5m: L 225mm x W 225mm x H 2500mm

Wall finish: Raw, white, black, galvanised, custom powder coat

Pot colours: White, black

Grow pot: 

2m: 7 x 130mm / 140mm

2.5m: 8 x 130mm / 140mm 

Suggested plants: Sansevieria ‘Hahnii’, Scindapsus aureus ‘Pothos’.

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