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Desktop planters

The benefits of greenery in the office have been well documented. The addition of desk plants is simple yet highly impactful way too add life to an office environment.

Ambius has a range of desktop pots, perfect for adding life to any desk space. Research suggests that staff are more satisfied with their job when they have a chance to organise how their workspace looks - desktop plants are a perfect, simple way to achieve this! Check out our range of pots and colours today!

Our desktop pots or containers range

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Modern, flexible and smart container that adds so much to the space

Ashgrove Desktop is a container that commands attention and infuses the space with vitality and sophistication.

BiOrb Terrarium

Our BiOrb Terrarium is a stunning centrepiece guaranteed to impress your staff and clients.

The Classic 21 is a lovely container that works for any desk space, small or large.

Cone Table

The Cone Table is sure to be a fresh addition to any desk space, small or large.

Elliot Planter

The Elliot Planter, part of our premium container/pot range, is a beautiful addition to any space.

The Table Top 20 is a contemporary addition to desktops.

Pura 20

Think of a golf ball. The Pura 20, part of our premium offering, is a bigger golf-ball shaped container!

Quad 21

Looking for an affordable, simple container that can still create a lovely centrepiece? Quad 21 is for you!

The Rustica is a beautiful container, suited to larger desks such as cabinets, meeting rooms and reception.

Wilston complements any desktop area, bringing a touch of nature indoors creating healthier spaces that promote well-being.

Browse our selection of table top plants to suit your desktop container and create a design that will capture.

Check out our other plant containers

Floor standing

Ambius has a range of floorstanding pots, perfect for brightening up any floor space. Check out our range of pots and colours today!

Hanging pots/containers

Beautiful greenery is not limited just to your walls, desks or floors. Ambius has two hanging container options we're sure you'll love!


The trough is a unique planter, perfectly suited for large scale projects with large quantity of plant requirements.

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